Who am I?

Hello world! Nice to meet you. My name is Barnz, and I’m a web developer from the UK. I love Linux, ramen, and in my spare time I still play the same WWII FPS game I’ve been playing since 2006. I enjoy mechanical keyboards and long walks on the beach - oh and I hate the colour yellow.

Now that we know each other a little better, I want to talk about why I started a blog.

Why a blog?

I’ve always shied away from writing publicly. Mainly due to concerns of writing something that I later learn to be incorrect. This inevitably results in me not writing anything at all. I want to change that by documenting the things I learn here.

I will almost certainly make mistakes in the things that I post. I am constantly learning so please forgive any inaccuracies you may come across. I will make a point of going back and updating any post that has incorrect information.

Everything published on this website is available on GitHub as a markdown file, so feel free to create an issue if you spot something incorrect. Or just drop me a message using the contact form here.

So, what content can I find here?

I’ll mainly be writing about Web Development, with a focus on the front end. I might mention some Linux tools or issues I come across too. I’d like to experiment with some hardware projects, and plan to self-host some services in the future so I’m sure I’ll write about those too.

If any of that sounds interesting, consider subscribing to my RSS feed to stay up to date.

If not, no hard feelings.